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charismatic, magnetic, electric.

4 November
someday, we'll meet again.
(Yet still a muse + some more credits)
"amo a mi esposa", "could use more tape", "i love you mountons", "i'm a strong virgin", "pay attention to me!", "tu me manques", (。・3・。)ノ♡, always pure and innocent, australian rainforest worms, bubblegum ice-cream couple, cutestest than cutester, don't be a brat, g-koala, jiji's bizarre noises, jiji's fascination with behinds, jiji's fishcake cheeks, jiji-yah and hyunnie, kidnapped and handcuffed, long driving adventures, love after 2am, magical jello holy shit, mint chocolate chip couple, mr and mrs smint, park bom defense kits, princess and his extensions, skateboard g and notorious t.o.p, snow white and prince charming, stop the sad faces!, the 최승현 effect, tickles as weapons of mass destruction, visiting cafes at midnight, ways to unsettle mistress-noona, ★firster than the firstest, ★koalas and kangaroos, ★princess jiyong was here, ♠15, ♠buying bom noona food, ♠carrying bom noona around, ♠not unsettling bom noona, ♠spoiling bom noona